Monday, January 31, 2011

A Delicious Spot to Be In

There are so many delicious places to be in Buffalo, even in February. I'm waiting for the last day of January to release me into my February obsession with songwriting; at midnight, I begin writing 14 songs in only 28 days. This is my third year as a FAWMer,, and this year, I've set myself a harder challenge... I'm doing it twice over! So instead of a song every other day, I have to write one every day of February.

I might not cook much.

But it's good to know I have places like Amy's, Falafel House, Mike's Subs, Avenue Pizza & Lake Effect Diner very nearby. I can get more than just a cheese sandwich at any of these restaurants, and that makes me happy. I can go up to Plaka on Delaware for garden souvlaki. Or order from Jacobi's, Mamma Mia's, TC Jr.s. Or send the hubby-man down Sheridan to The Buffalo Tap Room, Mariposa's, Anderson's. This is luxury, to me, and I intend to make use of it while I'm writing 28 songs this month.

Of course, I'll still be responsible for making lots of breakfasts, not to mention setting up the man with his lunch. Mornings will be simple: oatmeal in the crockpot, Almond Joy Cream of Wheat, buckwheat pancakes... I vary the toppings on our hot wholegrain cereals everyday so we don't get bored with them. The other day, bereft of fresh fruit, I decided to mimic my favorite cheap candy bar, and that's how we ended up with bowls of Creamy Wheat topped with almonds, mini chocolate chips and shredded coconut. Yes, it was good. Anytime you can have chocolate with breakfast and still have some nutrition in there, it's very good.

Chances are, halfway into Feb., we'll be craving chili, soups, casseroles, and all the home-cooked favorites, so don't count me out yet. Do share your own favorite places to catch a meal, though. I'm saving up ideas for when a friend visits from Indy this Spring, and I'm looking to branch out of my own neighborhood, tasty as it is.
Peace, Mari


  1. Good luck!!!!! Buffalo is full of tasty places, isn't it???

  2. It is-- even if it's tough to get a proper BBQ chicken pizza here. I'd try Just Pizza and ask them to adjust to your needs.
    It might work.