Saturday, January 14, 2012

Junk Food Breakfasts and Bean Dip Dinners... A Spree

Now that the snow is falling, and staying, we Buffalonians have to get our winter attitudes on. The hubby-man got up earlier today, knowing he'd need time to wipe off the car and maybe even (gasp!) shovel, and we can look forward to that till April, at least.

Remember, it snowed the first week of May last year; melting on impact, but still!

Good thing that pantry inventory took place a few days ago, because the truest sign of January for me is not wanting to run to the grocery store again just to make a meal. Not being able to afford another grocery run plays into it also. That means we have to get creative. While my neighbors are living on baked chicken thighs, I'm figuring out what to make for breakfast two days after the oatmeal runs out... and seeing if I can stretch it till Monday.

It's times like this I find myself baking a lot, but you can only eat so many muffins or pancakes, whole-grained or not. And biscuits, and pizza. After the first few easy options, weird assemblages may occur. The brie I bought to take somewhere never got taken, and so we end up eating an oddly luxe dinner of brie torta with a quick homemade chutney, nuts, pears and a baguette, salad on the side.

This morning I discovered that brie and soybacon work well together, thrown into a quick vegetable hash; the last few pieces of baguette became individual bread puddings. Apparently, the key to cooking breads and quick breads in the microwave is adding extra liquid, and cooking on low power. I figured it out last January, when I needed to make corn bread and didn't have the time to preheat the oven.

For me this is junk food cooking, when I use the microwave for more than melting chocolate, and let those forgotten frozen veggies take center stage. When despite the resolution to eat less starch, I rely on the old bag of potatoes three times in two days. It gets worse, too.

How about an English muffin stuffed with cheese, fakin' bits, onions and green pepper slices?

A veg imitation of fast food horrors, but tastier.

Then I'm stuck making dinner out a can of beans and some olives. A million ways to cook them, yes, but doesn't bean dip sound better than most of them? Less work, too. Mash 'em with spices, saute with the final garlic clove, top it all with cheese and olives or leftover chopped tomatoes from a can, and bake the corn tortillas hiding in the back of the fridge into chips. Put Netflix on. Desperation, I mean dinner, is served.

It's the January Spree-- when each day, my standards for highest health go down a notch as the fridge slowly empties. First, it's an okay meal as long as I use the fresh veg. Then as long as there's some veg in it, canned or frozen or whatever. Then, well, as long as I throw in some fruit. Soon, we're down to three frozen stawberries and some craisins, and hey, peach jam... but how can we complain about three meals a day?

I think I can just make it till Monday. Have a good weekend, and be sure to stop back next week: Wednesday is our trip to Scotland with The Crafty Green Poet.

Peace, Mari


  1. I had a very tasty baked potato today with humus, sun dried tomatoes and olives!

    I'm looking forward to being your guest blogger on Wednesday!

  2. Sounds delish--- I may go that route tomorrow!