Sunday, April 22, 2012

Clearing a Space

Happy Earth Day!

  It may be rainy here in Buffland, but I'm remembering that old song about April showers and May flowers, and I'm not getting bogged down by the cold wet. Just a couple of quick ideas for you, today-- a link to Best Buy's electronics recycling list, here. They really take a good variety of stuff, so you might want to spend a little time today or tomorrow packing up those extra monitors, keyboards, or the black & white TV you know you'll never get fixed. We have a few things to take in, ourselves.

 Another idea, one I'm taking up-- set aside a whole day each week, when you don't even turn on your home computer. It's amazing how relaxing it is, not to have the laptop ruling your life for a day. Peaceful, quiet, energizing. And good for your eyes and wrists!

 Try a raw breakfast this week, if you don't do that already. It saves energy you have to pay for, and gives great energy and nutrients you need. Doesn't have to be fancy, and you might surprised how filling a small bowl of dried and fresh fruits dotted with chopped raw nuts, wheat germ, raw sunflower seeds or raw flax seeds can be. You might want to shred some fresh spinach or carrot in there, too.

 Soak the nuts for at least an hour if you can; if it's too much trouble in the morning, soak them for an hour before bed instead, and then drain (use the water as a vitamin treat for your houseplants or plants outside) and refrigerate the soaked nuts overnight. Other easy, no-special-equipment options might be a salad bursting with fruit and sprouts, raw smoothies, or chunked avocado with hot pepper vinegar... that'll wake you up fast!
 Or make our favorite raw oatmeal, recipe here.

  I like that there is a day set aside to think about what we do, how we treat the complex living thing called Earth. And I can put aside all the antithetical consumerist crap that has inevitably developed alonside it, because I've also seen a steady rise in green activism-- and it's been fueled by days like today, by movements like Meatless Monday; by people like you, and me, taking time to do one extra helpful thing or consciously refraining from one more harmful thing on a regular basis.

 It adds up.

 Peace, Mari


  1. electronics recycling is essential and luckily easier than it used to be!

  2. It really is-- and then, there's companies like Terracycle, that upcycle junked items such as motherboards & old vinyl records into useful new products.