Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sign of Decency

Even the most carnivorous people I know and love don't want the animals they consume to suffer needless, excessive cruelty, to be tortured, or have pain-filled joyless lives that end in horrifically cruel deaths. The cow on the milk carton always looks happy, free, peaceful-- in reality, that is untrue most of the time, as most of vegetarians are aware.

 Just by signing a few petitions, we can come closer to stopping animal cruelty in our lifetime:

  Put your name down today. Let's do it!

  Peace, Mari


  1. Yes, signing petitions and campaigning is vital, thanks for the links

  2. There's a new one, too, though it defintely applies stateside. When I perused worthwhile petitions, I found alot of info to indicate that the UK is way ahead of us here in trying to better farming practices.