Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coffee with the Grownups

I'm so excited-- I' ve just joined a women's coffee group!

This may not look like big news, but hanging around with people close to my own age is something I can't take for granted-- it hasn't happened regularly to me since, oh, ever. When I was four, my best friend Lynn Moore was already in Kindergarten. When I was in Kindergarten, my few friends were each a year or more younger. As a teenager, my friends were several years younger or up to a couple decades older. And so on. Whatever my age has been, I haven't seemed to fit with the people around that shared it. That's why my hubby-man is 12 years younger, my best friends are each a decade younger or older. I have no idea what my age group is supposed to feel like, but I'm looking forward to finding out. I think I can hack it this time-- I have a fairly ordinary roster of adult responsibilites and concerns along with my oddities. And if all else fails, I'll fake it.

So I'll finally have an impetus to get going and check out new-to-me cafes, and update my knowledge of the old favorites. I can hardly wait! Apparently, there's a lovely tea room in Lancaster we'll be seeing, and I've suggested an outing to the Parkside Candies cafe on Main & Winspear. If you haven't been there in a long age, try it-- the service has been excellent every time I've been, and they had the best coffee ice cream I've ever tasted-- even better than mine. And I make good ice cream.

My coffee group is a meetup--- from, an organization that helps people with similar interests meet up in the ether so they can get together IRL. Not a bad concept, and I've found several good writing groups through the site, too. I think it's a wonderful way for someone new to an area to find like minds fast, so pardon me if I've mentioned it too often. Meetup has been a way back into WNY for me... and I appreciate that.
Especially any chance to sample new restaurants and coffeehouses.

Too bad my favorite cold weather coffee mug got broken recently-- I miss sipping from this luscious picture of The Winter King:

Peace, Mari

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  1. Good for you! Caz Cafe is one of my favs! The food is awesome!! And even though it's not as quaint or cute, Cafe Allegro on Hertel is good too.

    If you ever want to join a writer's group, I am a member of the Buffalo Writers Meetup Group! I am a co-organizer actually! Our group may be temporarily closed to new members, as there is a change of leadership happening right now, but it should be opening back up soon!