Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NEW New Year Resolutions!

I've been falling down on the blog, lately. That's primarily due to not having a backlog-- as minute by minute as my posts are, I never planned on blogging that way. My intent was to have several articles on the subjects that interest me, and hopefully you, ready to go when it seemed appropriate, and write and post fresh-off-the-press the rest of the time. A balance, and very doable for a busy writer.

What happened instead was, some of the writing didn't work out. There are posts sitting unfinished, waiting for me to attack them again, that never hit the notes quite right. Amazing in light of what I have posted so far, I know, but I have some standards. And although I cook and we eat everyday, there isn't always a story in it. So I have to leave it alone, sometimes; I learned by not leaving it alone once or twice when I should have. What can I say, I came to this late. Blogging, not writing, that is.

As for this site: this template doesn't do much for us here. Kinda just sits there, looking pink and boring, with not many features. Blah.

So, in the next several months, I'll figure out the other available features here or find a nicer template-- well, maybe not nicer, maybe Cooler? Hotter? Some kind of temperature change. And I'll get more of the stories, ideas, recipes, food-centered contemplations fixed and ready, so that at least 3/4 times a week, and up to 6, there'll be new stuff waiting here. I hope it will be stuff that is interesting to other people; but my taste isn't so odd that I'm in a class by myself.

A note about the Wordless Wednesday phenomenon, common to other blogs, that I've violated recently for my own selfish needs: while I like the concept, Wednesday is usually a good day for me to get out a post of some sort, with time to look up the links, get the pics transferred and all. (Oh, I know, they're not GREAT photography, they're just blackberry pics sent from the phone to email and fixed for light exposure quickly, but that's what I have to work with now-- be patient with me!) So there might be wordless Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays-- or nearly, almost, or so-close-to-wordless days. For the fun of it-- because even when I don't have much to say, I like being here. Pink birds and all.

Cat blogging, I'm not sure about.

PS-- I've written over 30 new songs this month, so far!

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